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  • Network & Connect

    With a variety of ways to connect to leading business professionals in the group, there's plenty of opportunities to network-- even from behind your desk.

  • Business Collaborations

    We believe each person and business has their own uniqueness. We do not have category restrictions. Instead, this is a place to meet and collaborate with fellow business experts.

  • Engage & Learn

    If you've ever had a question you wish you didn't have to rely on Google for-- we've got you. Our community is a mix of business professionals and includes ways to get feedback from other members so you can lean on the community when you need help (and give your two cents when others need it!)

  • Fun & Friendly Community

    Business doesn't have to be all formal. We believe people do business with people, not brand names. We encourage members to get to know each other in fun ways. We even award points for engagement!

Network & Connect

Because people build trust & business relationships in different ways

The most successful business relationships are built on the "Know > Like > Trust" factors.


Over the years of networking, we noticed that everyone builds relationships differently. It takes multiple touchpoints and interactions until we feel comfortable in referring business to others.


That's why we include various ways to network. We do host weekly meetings (currently virtual only) However, attending them is not required for membership because our online platform provides connection so you can build rapport outside of weekly meetings. Collectively, all of these ways help build the relationship to get you to the trust factor

  • Exclusive online platform for daily dialogue with other members
  • Directory of members, to reach out directly
  • Curated introductions
  • Facilitated networking events
  • One-on-one connections

Our personalized profiles and member directory give you the options on how you want to network. You can elect to be open to new 1:1 curated introductions from our Founders--or not. You can update your profile if you get busy and need a break. Or you can elect to only make connections on your own. It's up to you!

Business Collaborations

Community... Not Competition.

Networking not only builds business referral relationships, but it also creates the opportunity for collaborations.


No, we aren't saying that everyone meets a business partner here... but we are saying people in similar industries have come together to combine content and audiences for a more powerful show of information.


We've also seen the magic in our "need help" area... where members are able to ask for advice or suggestions on who can help them with something specific... even a job for their daughter!


Collaborations are possible and encouraged:

  • Our community is not category specific. We actually encourage businesses in similar categories to get to know each other.
  • A specific communication channel to ask for help, ideas, or assistance.
  • Social media engagement pods

Engage & Learn

Contribute your expertise and learn about others

We invite our members to contribute their knowledge to the community, to help others understand their expertise.


This can be done through our online chat channels, participating in, or facilitating one of our brainstorming sessions. We've actually have had members gain clients as a result of brainstorming together!

  • Facilitated brainstorming events
  • Ability to facilitate your own brainstorm event, around your topic of expertise
  • Recorded member content, saved in our private, password-protected member portal for current members to reference if they need to learn more about a topic.

Fun & Friendly Community

Not everything is serious

Join Our Community

Join our Facebook Group where you'll make connections, and participate in a facilitated group. Great for casual networking and to learn more about the group. 

Ready to join the premier business networking group in the Philadelphia region? As a member of this exclusive group, you'll receive invites to private events, access to an exclusive community and platform, and a members-only directory. Our members have had success with building their businesses and making connections.


We want to meet you! You will be prompted to schedule a 1:1 meeting with one of our founders to find out more!


Annual (12 months)


You'll receive a link to fill in a few quick questions to learn more about you and your business



One of our founders will reach out for an intro to the group


You'll receive access to our private online portal, exclusive community of business leaders and invites to our events!


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